What does this class offer?

  • Gain a 4-hour certificate of completion to present to an employer or probation officer

  • Satisfies your court or diversion requirements

  • We also offer English subtitles for those hard of hearing, and multilingual subtitles for those primarily speaking Russian, Spanish, or Ukrainian.

  • Learn about the facts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors behind theft in this Nationally approved 4-hour course.

You will have 30 days to complete the course once purchased.

About the  Course 

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Our curriculum is based on the current research that examines why people steal and what helps them change these patterns of behavior. We will explore impulsive stealing and compulsive stealing, which is also referred to as kleptomania. Our course is based on accountability and is far more interactive than alternative programs, with a personalized approach to examining:

  • Why participants found themselves stealing,
  • What their thinking and beliefs are around theft,
  • Possible co-occurring mental health or substance abuse issues,
  • Effective stress management and life management techniques,
  • What to do when one's values and morals don't match their behaviors
  • Research-based treatment recommendations for impulsive and compulsive stealing.


Courtney Greif, LMHCA
Julie Archer, MS, AAC