What does this class offer?

Whether you call it aggression control, anger management, or anger awareness, this workshop led by a licensed counselor will exceed your expectations for personal growth or a court mandate.

  • Satisfies your court or diversion requirements

  • Certificate of completion to present to an employer or probation officer

  • Provides you with empirically supported tools to reduce aggression

  • Teaches about the connections between your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors from a licensed therapist

  • We also offer English subtitles for those hard of hearing, and multilingual subtitles for those primarily speaking Russian, Spanish, or Ukrainian.

  • ACW workshop 2 includes the same course work as ACW level 1. This workshop is an additional 8 hours of learning.

More information

You will have 30 days to complete the course once purchased.

Aggression Control Workshops are open to anyone wanting to learn more about anger management and aggressive behavior. Some people are court-ordered to complete Level 1 (8 hours) or Level 2 (this course, 16 hours) classes. These courses help us manage intense feelings and effectively respond to challenging people and situations without using aggression.

About the  Course 

  • Pricing reflects a processing fee.
  • As of the current Thinkific design, the cursor cannot move around the video. If you exit the course and close Thinkific, the video will automatically start over. If you plan to take a break during the video, please leave the Thinkfic course paused and open in a tab. Once a video is complete, the next video can be played. Thank you for your understanding.
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Is this class meant to shame/punish me?

Each participant will leave with tools they can use to change the way they respond to difficult situations. These classes are taught in a positive, supportive environment and are designed to focus on learning. Every teacher uses non-shaming methods of teaching.

You will learn about useful topics with real-life applications such as:

  • Conflict resolution skills, self-care, and assertiveness techniques.  
  • The connection between your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. 
  • Where your beliefs come from. 
  • How your beliefs influence your behaviors.

You will receive a certificate verifying your hours completed in the course.

What if I lose my certificate?

We highly recommend storing your certificate electronically upon receiving it. Records pertaining to the workshop will be stored by ABWCS for 2 years after completion and will require a $15 reprinting fee. After 2 years, we will not be able to provide any copies of your records.

You will have 30 days to complete the course once purchased.

Our office staff is available to help at (360) 281-6824 during Pacific Standard Time (PST) business hours. Please leave a voicemail and we will respond within one business day.

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This course is online, on-demand, and offers language and subtitle options.